Palace Gig Review 19.10.2017

Thursday evening saw Palace take on the O2 Academy Leeds in support of Public Service Broadcasting’s tour. Describing themselves as an alternative blues/rock band hailing from London that combines laid back guitars with brooding vocals, it wasn’t an obvious choice to support Public Service Broadcasting, a genre defying group, with the key characteristic being their sampling of  old public information films and archive materialDespite this they certainly held their own when opening the show. Succeeding the release of their first EP in 2014, Palace have spent the past three years steadily releasing new tracks and building up a firm cult following.  

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Lorde Gig Review 26.9.2017

I watched Lorde kick off the proceedings of her Melodrama world tour at the O2 Apollo Manchester. The string of concerts would be her first time touring in the UK since her 2013 mega-hit ‘Royals’, a song that at just seventeen earned her the title of the youngest artist to have achieved a number-one single since 1987. Now, aged twenty, she is sharing her second EP. I was excited to see how the slightly matured Lorde entertained the crowd; it is safe to say that I was not disappointed.

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Declan McKenna Gig Review 6.8.2017

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been kind of out of the loop but I am planning to make time for it in between work and get back into the swing of things. Anyway, apologies aside I am coming at you with a brand new gig review! Last night, well early evening, my sister and I travelled into the depths of Kingston on Thames to watch Declan McKenna play a show to celebrate the release of his debut album ‘What Do You Think About The New Car?’. After a last minutes venue change and the addition of a full band, an intimate in store signing/gig morphed into an almost complete show at The Hippodrome. Tickets only came to £11 with a CD each, there wasn’t much to lose but it’s safe to say that Declan surpassed our expectations. Continue reading

Making a Bathbomb at LUSH

Earlier this week, in the midst of exams I decided to ignore the looming deadlines and headed into town where my local shopping centre was hosting an activity weekend. The highlight of this weekend extravaganza, for me at least, was the local LUSH store hosting a make your own bathbomb session! I have been a huge LUSH fan for ages, if it wasn’t quite so pricey it would definitely dominate my skin and body care regime. I even have a little ritual at the end of each term, where I go into town at uni to pick a bathbomb as a treat to use in my bath at home. Continue reading

The Sherlocks Gig Review

On Monday night, I ventured from my room and for one night left my assessments behind me. My friend Hayley and I made our way to the gig, we first bonded over our mutual Blossoms love. She introduced me to The Sherlocks music, how could I not like a northern band with a Courteneers persuasion? With tickets for £9 and an excuse for a night out, we headed to Fibbers. A venue near uni in York that we usually associate with clubbing, it is only the second gig I’ve managed to go to in York during uni time, so it was a bit of a treat. It was quite a surreal experience going into a ‘club’ stone cold sober and being surrounded by underage teenager on the pull, I’ll get back to that later. I really enjoyed their set and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more stuff from them, certainly one to watch! Continue reading

scarborough day trip

Last month, before the horror of 5 essays which accumulate to a total 11,000 words descended upon me, my sister came to visit me at uni and we went on a road trip to the beach in Scarborough. It was a last minute plan, we kept our expectations fairly low, not really knowing what to expect, it was a pleasant surprise if not a bit on the chilly side. Eleanor also stumbled across a feature on her phone camera, after having it for only two years… So we took full advantage of the fun seaside vibes and essentially staged a photography shoot, unfortunately, my phone battery decided to give in so I decided to take it old school and bought a cheap disposable camera from Boots!  Continue reading

A Lover Sings: Billy Bragg Book Review

In the midst of essay procrastination I found myself trawling through the Billy Bragg merch website, I’m not really sure what I was looking for but I’m glad I did. Intrigued by a book section on a singer’s website I had to have a look, one book drew my attention. So I bought ‘A Lover Sings – Selected Lyrics’, I liked the idea of having a physical copy of his favourite lyrics, as his songs have a poetic nature it makes sense to collect them in an anthology.  Continue reading