youtube made me buy it

Seeing all the festive makeup treats everybody has received over the last few days has got me coveting a whole hoard of new treats that I really can’t or afford or deserve. So, to quell my desires and get my impulse control back in check I’m going to talk about all the ‘investments‘ I already have! Inspired by the KathleenLights video, of the same name, I’m going to reminisce the products I blame youtube for my purchases. With products based on the videos I watch, most beauty gurus, expect that sort of theme throughout (sorry if it is not your thing!).

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how much does your face cost?

I saw Ella recently post about how much the makeup she wears has actually cost her, I was both intrigued and terrified by the idea. Despite wearing it most days I’ve never thought about adding it all up, and now I know why I didn’t, I miss the blissful ignorance. I’ll justify to myself by saying it’s a hobby, it counts as a hobby right??

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