stylpro makeup brush cleaner + dryer review

I’m sure most tech-savvy beauty fans will have seen the viral video doing the rounds of a new device which advertises to clean and dry makeup brushes in 20 seconds by spinning them. I knew the second I saw it I would own one within a month, my obsession with cleaning my brushes combined with how fun it looked made it my ideal product. The price tag did cause some hesitation but after the discovery of an old gift card and a new Boots one for Christmas which added to make the full £50 it costs, nothing could hold me back and I headed to Boots the next day. Continue reading


how much does your face cost?

I saw Ella recently post about how much the makeup she wears has actually cost her, I was both intrigued and terrified by the idea. Despite wearing it most days I’ve never thought about adding it all up, and now I know why I didn’t, I miss the blissful ignorance. I’ll justify to myself by saying it’s a hobby, it counts as a hobby right??

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