youtube made me buy it

Seeing all the festive makeup treats everybody has received over the last few days has got me coveting a whole hoard of new treats that I really can’t or afford or deserve. So, to quell my desires and get my impulse control back in check I’m going to talk about all the ‘investments‘ I already have! Inspired by the KathleenLights video, of the same name, I’m going to reminisce the products I blame youtube for my purchases. With products based on the videos I watch, most beauty gurus, expect that sort of theme throughout (sorry if it is not your thing!).

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blossoms gig review

At the end of my You Me at Six gig review, I mentioned wanting to get tickets from the sold out Blossoms show which I managed, and I’m so glad I did. Using Twickets, a site I have gone to a few times and super recommend for buying gig tickets second hand reliably for face value or less. So, once again Ellie and I ventured into London, this time to Shepards Bush, to see Blossoms properly for the first time. We caught the tail end of their Reading set in the summer which inspired my enthusiasm and made me commit some time and attention to their music. Last night just added to my Blossoms excitement. Continue reading

you me at six gig review

Back again with another post! It’s been a fun-filled weekend, first the market and now a gig, plenty of blog material. So, into the good bit, I went to see You Me at Six play last night in Dingwalls with one of my oldest friends Ellie (she will feature below) and it was one of the best gigs we’d both been too in ages. A bit of background is necessary, Ellie and I have been huge YMAS fans for as long as I can remember, seeing them at least once a year since 2011 and nearly never disappointed with the show they put on. Safe to say we are fairly dedicated fans, we managed to catch them earlier this year during their secret set at Reading on the Pit stage and I also got tickets with my uni flatmate for the Leeds show, as she’d never seen them before. I’ve had a pretty You Me at Six packed year and last night’s show was the last one they’re playing in 2016, and I’m so pleased to reply they finished on an absolute high. Continue reading

christmas in york

Sorry for not posting in a while but second year has hit me hard, between essays and course rep commitments there hasn’t been a spare minute to breathe but now my contact hours have finally drawn to a close. So, what better way to kick off the festive celebrations than a post all about the Christmassy day my Auntie and I had when she visited. Continue reading

twenty one pilots gig review

Yesterday my sister, Eleanor, and I both came back from uni to spend a weekend at home and see twenty øne piløts play Alexandra Palace on November 11th, here’s a link to the setlist if you’re interested. We both managed to see them earlier on in the year playing the  NME stage at Reading festival and they were hands down one of my favourite shows of the entire weekend. Coming up against some hot competition, including rock giants like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Biffy Clyro, a band I had been waiting to see since my very early teens. So, as you can imagine, after that show our expectations were very high and I’m disappointed to report back that they did not fulfil said hopes. Continue reading

first post fun

I’ve been wanting to start writing blog post’s for a while now but there has been something holding me back, but I’m going to grasp this fleeting moment of motivation as it strikes and at least make a start!

I’m not quite sure what I am looking to achieve with Ferriswheel but I’m exciting to see how it takes shape, the beauty side of blogging is what drew me to the platform but I don’t want to restrict myself to just a ‘makeup’ blog. I want to include many of the things I love especially music, with reviews of both albums and recent gigs I’ve been to, I am also hoping taking a more active role will reignite my love of taking the time to find new music to my ever trusty iPod classic. As well as discussing my ever growing charity shop wardrobe, beauty related chat (to the dismay of my student loan), certainly cats and maybe even some sociology (it is my degree after all…).

So, that’s pretty much me as of now. I thinks it’s better to keep it short and sweet for an intro post, also it’s getting late and I’ve spent way too long neglecting my seminar reading for tomorrow in favour of persistently tweaking a header.

I will share again soon, thanks for reading!