Pastel Pink: New Hair + Upkeep

I thought I’d keep the world WordPress in the loop with my ever-changing follicles, the colour of the moment is a pastel pink! Continue reading


Making a Bathbomb at LUSH

Earlier this week, in the midst of exams I decided to ignore the looming deadlines and headed into town where my local shopping centre was hosting an activity weekend. The highlight of this weekend extravaganza, for me at least, was the local LUSH store hosting a make your own bathbomb session! I have been a huge LUSH fan for ages, if it wasn’t quite so pricey it would definitely dominate my skin and body care regime. I even have a little ritual at the end of each term, where I go into town at uni to pick a bathbomb as a treat to use in my bath at home. Continue reading

purple ombre: new hair

I’m back at uni and that means one thing, making my flatmate, who also has a blog you should check out, sort out the mess that is my current hair. We set the bar high this time, going for the most challenging look that we’ve ever attempted with a purple ombre. I didn’t particularly want to put bleach on my already damaged hair, so I decided to take a break and embrace the roots with a touch of creativity. The idea was a gradient of Plum at the roots down to Lilac in the ends, and I”m so happy with the outcome! I scoured Pinterest for some inspo and came across this photo and fell in love. Continue reading

stylpro makeup brush cleaner + dryer review

I’m sure most tech-savvy beauty fans will have seen the viral video doing the rounds of a new device which advertises to clean and dry makeup brushes in 20 seconds by spinning them. I knew the second I saw it I would own one within a month, my obsession with cleaning my brushes combined with how fun it looked made it my ideal product. The price tag did cause some hesitation but after the discovery of an old gift card and a new Boots one for Christmas which added to make the full £50 it costs, nothing could hold me back and I headed to Boots the next day. Continue reading

youtube made me buy it

Seeing all the festive makeup treats everybody has received over the last few days has got me coveting a whole hoard of new treats that I really can’t or afford or deserve. So, to quell my desires and get my impulse control back in check I’m going to talk about all the ‘investments‘ I already have! Inspired by the KathleenLights video, of the same name, I’m going to reminisce the products I blame youtube for my purchases. With products based on the videos I watch, most beauty gurus, expect that sort of theme throughout (sorry if it is not your thing!).

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