York: Perky Peacock

Recently I wrote a guest post on my friend Ella’s second blog which is a student guide of things to do and places to be in your University area. So this isn’t quite my usual style of post but some of you may still find it interesting! Check out the whole blog to find out more about student life in York, Cardiff and Birmingham. 

What is it?

The Perky Peacock is a cosy independent coffee shop located on Lendal Bridge and definitely one of the treasures hidden in the York walls. Based within a medieval stone tower, the Perky Peacock stands out amongst the plethora of trendy cafes which saturate our city, boasting historical architecture, complete with exposed beams, and a view of the River Ouse.

The food menu is all dependant on what has been freshly made that day, with a variety of salads and toasty items for a satisfying lunch, plus there is always an abundance of homemade sweet treats to tempt you. The drinks often take slightly longer than your average coffee shop to arrive, if you chose to sit in, this is because of the intricate, and super instagrammable, latte art that adorns their quaint cups.

From their cute logo, which adorns tote bags available to buy to their killer ‘dirty chai’, it is clear to see why this modest establishment has a cult coffee shop status who have just celebrated their 8 year birthday!


Important Information

Opening times: 

Monday-Friday: 7 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 4 pm


North Street Postern Tower, Under Lendal Bridge, York YO1 7DJ



  • The environment is very intimate and a relaxing place to spend time in
  • It is a cool independent business to being visitors to the city too, especially is it located on the infamous walls
  • Sometimes they host after hours events, like their ‘In it to Gin it’ Gin Bar event in August
  • They do a killer chai latte


  • Seating is minimal, so be prepared to sometimes squeeze in and get used to overhearing tourist’s conversations
  • If you’re planning on working in there, the few and far between plug points may be an issue



  • Just hop on the 66, 66a or 6 bus into town. The First bus page is here if you need any information about getting into the city centre.


The prices aren’t extortionate but reflect the usual ‘trendy’ café costs, so not the friendliest to a student pocket… worth it for the Insta though, eh?


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