Pastel Pink: New Hair + Upkeep

I thought I’d keep the world WordPress in the loop with my ever-changing follicles, the colour of the moment is a pastel pink!


the establishing before comparison

Over the summer, I’ve neglected the colour of my hair and let it bleach out for the sake of its well-being but as September crept around and my final year of uni was dawning, I decided to shake it up again from long (well, long for me) and faded orange to something totally new! I decided to take the plunge and cut my hair up just above my jawline, which was a risky move due to the moon-esque nature of my round face. Although, I had nothing to worry about! I love my hair this short, it makes it so easy to style and just falls into the right place.


the post chop shot

The next hurdle was the colour, my roots had grown through a fair bit which isn’t surprising considering the last time I actually bleached it was probably 6 months ago. So I took on the challenge of a home bleach job, which is always a bad idea but I don’t fancy paying for a salon job and I’m happy to take the risk. It only took one lift because my hair was quite pale anyway from natural sun bleaching and I was planning on putting colour over it anyway, so I didn’t bother with hard-core toning.

The last bit is the fun bit, the candy floss transformation! I used the Crazy Colour in Candyfloss, I would love to say I chose it based on good reviews but the reality was it was on Amazon’s Same-Day delivery service. Now my hair is so short the dyeing process is a dream, I did it myself and it was a case of separating into two layers and just slapping on the colour fairly liberally! I’m so chuffed with the outcome, I’ve achieved the dream of being a pastel pink princess.

The tough part of pastel hair is keeping the desired colour lasting more than two washes, having such a pale colour means the pigment washes out in the blink of an eye. To prolong the pastel goodness I’ve been topping up the colour with a conditioning mask supplemented up with a teaspoon of Pink Pizzaz by Colour Freedom, evenly coated on my hair and left for 15-20 minutes. I also try to only wash it in cold water, the internet says this works to keep the pigment in tact for longer but it is not fun (the things we do for hair…). Another prolonging tip is making sure the shampoo used isn’t too harsh, things like anti-dandruff shampoo provide a very deep clean, which in turn strips the colour, so I opt for the specific colour friendly formulas most of the time.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my hair update!





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