Kate Nash Gig Review 9.8.2017

Last week the dreams of 12 year old me came true, in the shape of Kate Nash’s 10 year ‘Made Of Bricks’ anniversary tour. Despite being a huge fan in my early teens, I never got to see Kate Nash perform, so finally age 20 I watched her enthusiastic show and it did not disappoint!

One of my uni friends, Will, came down to see her with me and we embarked on Shepherds Bush. As one of my favourite venues in London, it was already off to a good start, I think it’s a good size and the stage is pretty visible no matter where you end up. Speaking of the stage, it was adorned with all sorts of fun decorations which matched her whole quirky persona, like floating clouds and trees which made it all the more magical.

The setlist was what you would expect from an album tour, near enough sticking to the original album order with only minor deviations. Being able to see my old favourites like Mariella and Birds was such a treat. Although Foundations, her mega defining hit, is the second song on the album she obviously couldn’t throw that right at the beginning of the gig, she did pay homage to the album order. With a teaser of Foundations and an extended guitar/band solo whilst she got changed off stage. The band were all female, which is always so nice to see! Especially with the lack of female musicians present in the current music scene, but more of that later.

Her energy throughout was infectious and reflected in the crowd, in inbetween the swift sparkly outfit changes she spent the entire show leaping around and making the most of all the space she had. She is one of the most personable artists I’ve seen in ages, her conversation with the crowd and happiness seemed very genuine, coming across as quite personal which is difficult to do from a stage. Also, for the second gig in a row I’ve been to an impromptu Jermemy Corbyn chant ensued accompanied by the band onstage, which was just as fun the second time around.

After the album was near enough finished it was onto the encore, where she played a taster of her newer music. Californian Poppies stood out as a song I will definitely be looking forward to and gives a taste as to what we should be expecting more of in the near future.

Back to my enthusiasm about an all female show! I’m about to start my third year studying sociology and that means it’s dissertation year, after noticing the abysmal presence of female artists playing at music festivals, and the general lack of female musicians achieving the same levels of success as their male colleagues. I have decided to focus my final project at uni on this topic and I am hoping to get in contact with female artists to interview, I’m hoping that I can find a way to get in contact with Kate herself and include her in my project, how cool would that be!? Anyway, it might be a bit of a pipe dream but if it does somehow transpire I will be keeping you all updated!

Thank you for reading! I managed to get free tickets to an intimate gig at Pretty Green to see The Sherlocks, so I will probably be putting up a post soon about that, so keep your eyes peeled.


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