Making a Bathbomb at LUSH

Earlier this week, in the midst of exams I decided to ignore the looming deadlines and headed into town where my local shopping centre was hosting an activity weekend. The highlight of this weekend extravaganza, for me at least, was the local LUSH store hosting a make your own bathbomb session! I have been a huge LUSH fan for ages, if it wasn’t quite so pricey it would definitely dominate my skin and body care regime. I even have a little ritual at the end of each term, where I go into town at uni to pick a bathbomb as a treat to use in my bath at home.

Anyway, on to the fun bit. I dragged my auntie into town and we went to the store, unfortunately you couldn’t choose what type you made. It would’ve been cooler to have a choice in colours or scents, but I am not complaining, it was free after all. The bathbomb you go to make was ‘Ickle Baby Bot’, which makes sense as its a childs bathbomb and that’s who their demographic was, although that didn’t stop me (or parents) joining in on the fun.


The member of staff doing the demonstrating explained what was in the mixture and we got to mix it all up by hand, it was a blue lavender powdery concoction which was sent flying by excitable children. Being the grown up I am, I took a step back until the moulding part came in. Everyone was given a little plastic robot mould, which you packed in with the mixture and covered with a glove. After leaving it for 24 hours a handmade bathbomb was born!



The whole process was fun, who doesn’t love free bubbles. I hope you enjoyed this brief post, it was nice break from the Sociology stress of my degree but I have to get back out of a LUSH la la land and face the harsh reality of 3 hour exams. Hopefully next month I will get back into fairly regular posting as my second year will be finished and the freedom of summer will  be all mine!!






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