The Sherlocks Gig Review

On Monday night, I ventured from my room and for one night left my assessments behind me. My friend Hayley and I made our way to the gig, we first bonded over our mutual Blossoms love. She introduced me to The Sherlocks music, how could I not like a northern band with a Courteneers persuasion? With tickets for £9 and an excuse for a night out, we headed to Fibbers. A venue near uni in York that we usually associate with clubbing, it is only the second gig I’ve managed to go to in York during uni time, so it was a bit of a treat. It was quite a surreal experience going into a ‘club’ stone cold sober and being surrounded by underage teenager on the pull, I’ll get back to that later. I really enjoyed their set and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more stuff from them, certainly one to watch!

welcome to the ritualistic gig selfie

For a relatively unknown band they pulled a very respectable crowd, I can’t imagine they will remain unknown for too long after being featured in on the BBC 6 Music Playlist as well as being backed by BBC Introducing. The setlist they played was 11 songs long, leaving the show short and sweet but it was fun nonetheless, I would say I knew about half of the tracks, it appeared a lot of the crowd was in a similar boat but despite not knowing lyrics the energy didn’t let up and the band kept the show entertaining throughout! 

Sherl Gif

The crowd was an interesting mix of uni students, older indie rock fans and tipsy 14to 16 year olds, which made for a very enthusiastic crowd. There was some moshing and a lot of shoving, which I’m not all that keen on getting in on but if that’s your thing then go ahead, at some points it did have school disco vibes with 15-year-olds grinding on each other. I guess its the closest to a club they’re getting for a while but it was uncomfortable to witness and did distract from the stage during some of the less well-known songs.

This gig has definitely made me more excited to see them grow as a group, I look forward to seeing them in the future and getting to known their music a bit better! I expect to be hearing a lot more hype about The Sherlocks over the next year, quick get into them before they get big and be all ‘I told you so’ about them, I probably will be…

Thanks for reading! I’ve got a good looking summer shaping up, with tickets to Benicassim all booked, as well as Community festival, so keep an eye over the coming months for lots of music content.



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