scarborough day trip

Last month, before the horror of 5 essays which accumulate to a total 11,000 words descended upon me, my sister came to visit me at uni and we went on a road trip to the beach in Scarborough. It was a last minute plan, we kept our expectations fairly low, not really knowing what to expect, it was a pleasant surprise if not a bit on the chilly side. Eleanor also stumbled across a feature on her phone camera, after having it for only two years… So we took full advantage of the fun seaside vibes and essentially staged a photography shoot, unfortunately, my phone battery decided to give in so I decided to take it old school and bought a cheap disposable camera from Boots! 

We started off by wandering the beach and scoping the scenery, despite it being cold there were plenty of other people around on the sand, most of them did have a canine companion.  There wasn’t much frolicking in the sea but as you can see from our attire, it wasn’t exactly seaside season.


We wandered further along to find the pier and hit the photography jackpot, there were so many different nautical subjects to take photos of, enough to make a GCSE art teacher week. All the colourful textures from the boats and their fishing equipment made for some great artsy photos. If you like the look of Eleanor’s pictures, she has a photography blog she runs for fun here!

Onto the crowning glory of our photography escapades, we came across a ferris wheel! How exciting, obviously I hounded Eleanor and staged pictures from various angles to get the perfect blog title fitting shot. With her newly discovered fancy focus feature, she took a super cool photo which you will see strewn across my blog from now on.

Of course, we stopped for food and what else could you possibly consume on a chilly day at the beach but fish and chips. After a recommendation from a friend who lives in Scarborough, we had lunch at The Fish Pan and the food was lovely. We also managed to get a beach view window table in the very crowded restaurant which was a treat.

A few weeks later I got my camera photo’s developed, sadly the lighting and my less than enviable skills didn’t do them any favours but they are still a nice physical copy of a fun day. They do have a cool 80’s blurry vibe, so I’ll pretend like that was intentional.


I hope you enjoyed looking at our pretty day out as much as we enjoyed it, sitting 4,500 words into my essay marathon I have loved putting this post together and reminiscing about happier days. I am going to a Sherlocks show next week, so watch out for another gig coming your way, and hopefully once essays are done I will be able to have a more frequent posting schedule. Thanks for reading!



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