purple ombre: new hair

I’m back at uni and that means one thing, making my flatmate, who also has a blog you should check out, sort out the mess that is my current hair. We set the bar high this time, going for the most challenging look that we’ve ever attempted with a purple ombre. I didn’t particularly want to put bleach on my already damaged hair, so I decided to take a break and embrace the roots with a touch of creativity. The idea was a gradient of Plum at the roots down to Lilac in the ends, and I”m so happy with the outcome! I scoured Pinterest for some inspo and came across this photo and fell in love.

So, with that picture in mind, we set off the find the perfect shades to replicate it. There’s a shop in York city centre called Hair City which stocks all the colours you could dream of in a few different brands, so basically my Mecca. After a bit of deliberation  I left with 4 pots of Directions in Lilac, Plum and Violet, which we’re  only £3.49 each, what a bargain! In the end, we decided to just use Plum for the roots and Lilac for the ends, a transition shade wasn’t really necessary as my hair is pretty short and we figured the other two would blend in to make one anyway.  wp-1484485584738.jpg

We put on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging on and started the ordeal of dyeing because we are still 13 at heart. Sectioning it off into the layers, Jas started by attacking the roots of each section first, applying Plum on all the regrowth and then moving onto the next section. She then cracked open to Lilac and covered the remaining blonde bits, as well as blending it into the Plum to ensure a soft transition and not just two shades next to each other. There was a mild carpet casualty midway through (check out the third photo below) but some elbow grease and a stain remover bar saved the day  It took well over an hour, actually, we know it took 1hr and 40 mins because it lasted the entirety of the film, completing the last section as Ultraviolet blared out and the credits rolled. It may not have had to take quite that long but Jas is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and you really cannot argue with the perfect results she produced.

After leaving it on for another half an hour, just to let the final section develop, I hopped in the shower and rinsed it out.  It took a while for the water to run clear and gave my bath an interesting pinkish tinge but it was a resounding success!!!

So the big reveal…


I’m super happy with the result!! I say it every time but this is definitely one of my fave styles.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the show!




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