stylpro makeup brush cleaner + dryer review

I’m sure most tech-savvy beauty fans will have seen the viral video doing the rounds of a new device which advertises to clean and dry makeup brushes in 20 seconds by spinning them. I knew the second I saw it I would own one within a month, my obsession with cleaning my brushes combined with how fun it looked made it my ideal product. The price tag did cause some hesitation but after the discovery of an old gift card and a new Boots one for Christmas which added to make the full £50 it costs, nothing could hold me back and I headed to Boots the next day.


I set it up when I got home straight away, did I mention I was excited (it literally felt like Christmas all over again), I grabbed my grubbiest brush and got started. It wasn’t as easy to pick up as I had imagined, there is certainly a knack to angling the brush so it doesn’t flail at a slower speed rather than whizz like its supposed to. I was also at a disadvantage that I have run out of nice liquid soap and was reluctant to crack open the sample sachets provided so early, so my first few attempts using a simple antibacterial soap weren’t as fruitful as I had hoped. Although it was impressive right off the bat how quickly they dry, that is definitely the crowning glory of this product. I did cave and open the sample cleanser and it did make a difference, after a bit of research the website does suggest which type of soap you should use on what product, so really I should have read the instructions but whose got time for that when you open a new toy? So I will go out and  buy some proper cleanser but it is working pretty well with a basic soap.

Here’s a step by step of me using it:

1. Dip
Dip gif.gif

2. Soap spin
Spin  gif.gif

3. Drying
Water Spin  gif.gifI meant to do before and after shots but totally forgot, it looked clean!

I am a fan of this product but it certainly doesn’t handle all brushes equally, I have found that the thicker based brushes with wider heads have a tendency to not quite spin right. (UPDATE: I tweeted the inventor, who gave me a few tips and tricks on how to get the best performance. He also checked if it helped a few days later which is really nice!) It also makes quite a loud buzzing as it goes about its business, so don’t go thinking about a midnight brush cleaning frenzy without waking up some of your household. The battery life is also not perfect, I probably got about 5 extensive uses out of it before having to change them over but it did come with batteries included which is always a nice touch. Speaking of having to change things, the water does need fairly regular attention so don’t be getting too comfortable if you’re doing a big wash because regular trips to the sink will occur.

Bad Spin gif.gif

here’s an example of it spinning badly

Overall, I am happy with this cleaner and it definitely has changed the way I wash my brushes for the better, also adding an element of fun to the normally treacherous task. It’s really quite cathartic seeing all your bacteria ridden makeup residue fly off at high speeds and judging the grimy water left behind. Despite a few teething issues and having to hear people say they could knock the same thing up if you give them 20 minutes with a drill and a fish bowl, I love my brush cleaner! My sister and mum have both badgered me to do theirs, and I’m expecting the same of my uni flatmates will do when I go back next week.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried the stylpro and what you think of it.



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