vinyl revival

I hope everyone is having a top festive period, everything has just begun to wind down from the mayhem that is Christmas and I’ve started to have a proper play and explore with my fave new toy, thanks mum and dad. I didn’t technically get a turntable for Christmas, rather a loan of my dad’s old one after badgering him to fish it out of the depths, but I did get a substantial kick start to my own vinyl collection.


exclusive shot of the Ferris Christmas morning

I like the idea of vinyl in the world of mega fast streaming and instant gratification song choice, a more methodical and physically fun way of enjoying the songs. It also feels more like direct support for an artist themselves and independent sellers, although I’m sure that’s just an idea that I’ve romanticised rather than the reality.




inside of Lungs artwork

Something I did enjoy which has been lost in the move over to all digital music consumption is the album artwork, both on the cover and inside on sleeves. Having a large copy and being able to see what’s gone into its creation, as well as creativity and design of the printed lyrics, the whole process just feels a bit more personal.  I am fully aware of the whole hipster aesthetic shrouding the vinyl record scene and it would be ignorant for me to say that it had nothing to do with my sudden interest in a new avenue of music or haven’t thought of how great the Instagram’s will look, but I promise that isn’t the only reason I have started a collection.

catfish writitng.jpg

Handwritten Catfish Lyrics

Onto the turntable itself, a week ago Dad pulled out his Sansui SR232 apart from some dust and a dodgy belt, after 30 odd years it was still working and (one quick eBay order later) spinning. In the run up to Christmas, Dad also emerged with some old records from his collection, the likes of Bruce Springsteen and The Tubes, and we had a play around with them.

Sarah smiles.jpg

Panic! Lyrics

With a budget of £100, set by my mum, I was tasked with thinking about the albums I wanted to start my collection with. With an average price of £15-£20 each, I managed to get 6 for just over the budget. When choosing which records I wanted I took a different approach than I would than buying CD’s, I had to consider that most of the time the album would be played in full and in order. I opted for tried and tested classic albums that I knew I wouldn’t regret (well at least classics from my repertoire), which explains the late-noughties persuasion. My choices were:

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Only Revolutions – Biffy Clyro

Lungs – Florence + the Machine

Vices & Virtues – Panic! at the Disco

The 1975 – The 1975

The Balcony – Catfish And The Bottlemen

Blossoms – Blossoms

supplemented with a few classics pinched from Dads collections, i.e Billy Bragg and Fleetwood Mac.


I’ve been having a great time getting to grips with the whole new type of listening to music, getting the needle down in the right position has a certain thrill. I will keep you updated with my vinyl escapades as they continue and  share my collection as it grows,  I’m always looking for new music suggestions so leave them in the comments!

Thanks for  reading the start of my record adventure. Special thanks to my sister who took the photos for this post, check out her photography blog here.



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