youtube made me buy it

Seeing all the festive makeup treats everybody has received over the last few days has got me coveting a whole hoard of new treats that I really can’t or afford or deserve. So, to quell my desires and get my impulse control back in check I’m going to talk about all the ‘investments‘ I already have! Inspired by the KathleenLights video, of the same name, I’m going to reminisce the products I blame youtube for my purchases. With products based on the videos I watch, most beauty gurus, expect that sort of theme throughout (sorry if it is not your thing!).

To kick it off, I wouldn’t say it was the first thing I bought that was youtube inspired but it’s certainly one of the priciest, my Forea LUNA mini. After Fleur DeForce mentioned it in a February Favourites and some extensive youtube research, I decided to give the £120 cleansing device a go (although I did manage to snag it on offer and paid about £75, which was a steal). I am so glad I did! It leaves your skin feeling so soft, you notice a difference straight away, and it improved my skin in the long run. If  I forget to use it I do notice my skin retaliating against me. 

Helen Anderson is to blame for these next two products, she’s one of my favourite youtubers and I love so many of the things she shows off on camera and I have to use a lot of restraint when I watch her videos. Regal Rose hair clickers are the coolest thing youtube made me buy, they really dress up a boring hairstyle and look super fun in my hair when its fun colours! I bought the variety pack last year from the website, they do fall out which is frustrating. Especially when you’re on a night out and don’t hear them clatter to the floor, I’ve probably lost about half of the ones I originally had but I think I’m going to pick up a few more and take better care of them.clickers

The next Anderson-inspired product is the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Exorcist, after hearing the entire cyber world raving about Kat Von D and following her tattoo artistry for as long as I can r
emember, I just knew her makeup line would suit me down to a tee. When I came across the Sephora in Denmark this summer I headed straight for the Kat Von D stand and didn’t leave until every inch of my skin was hidden by swatches. I opted for the mega vampy shade and it is lovely, it does fall foul of being patchy occasionally but that often is the downside of deep shades. lippyAs Kathleen is the reason for this posts it’s only right to include something she inspired, theBalms Mary, Cindy & Betty Lou-Manizers. I love these three, Mary Lou is my got to highlight and something I reach for every day to finish off a look. The blush and bronzer I don’t use as much but I still happily use sometimes and I’m glad I bought the trio. It goes especially well with the Modern Renaissance palette because it matches the warm tones so nicely.

Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix +, is my final choice. I can’t remember anyone specific who suggested it but it seems to be floating around peoples suggested products and it feels like it always will be. I have to say I’m not that enamoured with it,
setting sprays as a whole seem a bit emperors new clothes to me but I really do not see the point. Maybe because it feels like just spraying water on your face but I don’t think I’ve really seen a difference between when I wear it and when I don’t, it’s certainly not something I reach for regularly. orep

That’s it for this post, I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! Let me know in the comments what youtube made you buy.

Thanks for reading!



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