blossoms gig review

At the end of my You Me at Six gig review, I mentioned wanting to get tickets from the sold out Blossoms show which I managed, and I’m so glad I did. Using Twickets, a site I have gone to a few times and super recommend for buying gig tickets second hand reliably for face value or less. So, once again Ellie and I ventured into London, this time to Shepards Bush, to see Blossoms properly for the first time. We caught the tail end of their Reading set in the summer which inspired my enthusiasm and made me commit some time and attention to their music. Last night just added to my Blossoms excitement.


excuse the poor snapchat-ness of this selfie



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(Slyly getting my super cool holographic nails in a gig review)

After a leisurely pitcher in the nearest Wetherspoons, our standard post gig ritual, and merch pit stop we immersed ourselves into the crowd just before 9 pm. As you’ll know if you’ve read my past gig reviews, I think the type of crowd at a show has a huge impact on how enjoyable a show can be. Luckily, despite quite a strange mix of people attending, the crowd and venue created a really fun lively atmosphere. Due to their 80’s Suede vibes, Blossoms drew quite a few older fans out which was nice to see for the most part, a side from the particularly testy (self-proclaimed) older woman who perpetually shouted at and elbowed the 15-year-old boy, next to me, who had the misfortune to be stuck behind her. I can sympathise with the frustration of a hyperactive crowd but not when you’re choosing to stand at the barriers. Speaking of barriers, by some miracle that’s where we ended up! As you can see in the photos below that Ellie and I took, we really were incredibly close to all the stage action.


literally touching distance

The setlist choices were good, with all the big hits played as well as a few new songs from the extended album peppered in. I did find it felt like it ended very quickly but a mixture of their fast paced songs and only having released one proper album A nice touch was playing ‘Onto Her Bed’, which they don’t usually perform, it was nice for the crowd to calm down a bit and listen to a gentle song. The next song they played was ‘My Favourite Room’, which was arguably one of the coolest gig experiences I’ve ever had because before Tom (the lead singer) started singing, he spoke to me just for a little bit, which was so exciting!! I spent the rest of the gig with a full dopey fangirl smile spread across my face, and I’ve still got one now just thinking about it. Other song highlights and obvious crowd favourites were Honey Sweet, Blown Rose and obviously Charlemagne but there genuinely wasn’t a dull moment throughout the entire set, despite people generally not knowing the new songs as well there was still a considerable level of hype.



I will definitely be driving everyone mad by banging on about my new fave band Blossoms and playing the album on repeat, especially after asking for it on vinyl for Christmas. I think I can safely say that this isn’t the last time I will be posting about them and I can only see them going from strength to strength.

Thanks for reading, I will certainly be getting tickets to a show on their March tour so you can look forward to that and we can see how their performance style evolves with their success!



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