essay writing survival guide

My essays are in, it is the of 1st December and I can finally get into the Christmas spirit! But I’m going to take a step back into the dark world of essay writing I’ve just broken free from to impart my hard learnt tips and maybe even help someone, or just give me some reminders and hope next time I’m down the word-count rabbit hole.

Finding the place you work best in is so important, I pulled the short straw by ending up in the box room, in every sense of the definition, so working in my bedroom has proved pretty challenging. I have opted more for coffee shops but a uni budget doesn’t always allow for that luxury, so making the environment you have being productive is important. Fairy lights and candles are always good for making a pleasant atmosphere that you actually want to sit in and focus on work, my room is adorned with copper wire micro fairy lights and my choice of candle this term was ‘Autumn Comforts’ by WoodWick. I love this candle, it had three different scents (Sonoma Sunset. Pumpkin Butter. Apple Crisp) so it didn’t get boring and also a wooden wick, hence the name, so as it burnt it crackles which gives it a nice soothing homely feel. The combo of copper and candles gives my room a nice warm light which sets a nice tone for focus.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have photo of mine but I found what mine looked like here


My uni room fairy lights

Once your working area is all cosy and inviting, I like getting a hot drink to stop be making the tea break 2 minutes into working. I enjoy a classic English breakfast but mixing it up with some fancy herbal teas is always fun, especially if you’re trying to steer clear of caffeine. There’s a tea shop in York along the Shambles I’ve been dying to try so maybe for next essay season I will treat myself to a fancy brew. Having the right music is also a key factor which makes me work better, although a lot of people argue that working with music playing is too distracting, I find it kind of focuses where my distraction will be. Occasionally I put on a classical playlist but my current favourite is ‘indie+study+chill‘, or something to that effect.

Fancy stationery is a bit of princess advice, but hear me out, if you’re excited about using some jazzy pens and a glitzy notebook then you’ll be way more motivated to get working. There’s a certain unexplainable thrill of using a new posh pen and perfectly coordinating colours. Being at uni, this last tip isn’t possible but I wish it was, having a cat to keep you company makes for happy studying. When Olive, my 5-year-old Bengal, is in the same room as I attempt to work it just makes it better. I find it difficult to study properly with others but it’s nice to having something nearby, and a cat is a happy medium, somebody is there but they can’t distract you with chatter (maybe just the occasional meow).



Olive being cute yesterday during my essay attempts


I hope you enjoyed reading my survival guide, let me know what your essay necessities are!

Thanks for reading!





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