you me at six gig review

Back again with another post! It’s been a fun-filled weekend, first the market and now a gig, plenty of blog material. So, into the good bit, I went to see You Me at Six play last night in Dingwalls with one of my oldest friends Ellie (she will feature below) and it was one of the best gigs we’d both been too in ages. A bit of background is necessary, Ellie and I have been huge YMAS fans for as long as I can remember, seeing them at least once a year since 2011 and nearly never disappointed with the show they put on. Safe to say we are fairly dedicated fans, we managed to catch them earlier this year during their secret set at Reading on the Pit stage and I also got tickets with my uni flatmate for the Leeds show, as she’d never seen them before. I’ve had a pretty You Me at Six packed year and last night’s show was the last one they’re playing in 2016, and I’m so pleased to reply they finished on an absolute high.

We went for a few drinks in the Camden Spoon before the show, to really make an evening of it and luckily it was only a few doors down from the intimate venue. We queued in a  short line before going into the gig, with a friendly group of people who had no problems striking up some casual conversation.  To our relief, the general age of the crowd was 20+ which meant for a much better atmosphere than the twenty one pilots gig I went  to a ~
few weeks back. I feel like the combination of a smaller venue and older fans meant that enthusiasm and gig experience was all around, this made for a great night.

photo credit – Dingwalls Gallery


Onto the actual show, after sufficient crowd hype the band took the stage and it kicked into gear with jumping, singing and pits. Being in such an intimate venue meant that regardless of your place in the crowd, the stage and band felt so close and you couldn’t complain. Although, we did take advantage of the bustling crowd to get our way to the front and in the middle of all the action! It was a crammed and shamelessly sweaty experience but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, if you don’t see copious amounts of smudged eyeliner it wasn’t a good gig (always a good marker). I kept my phone photography to an absolute minimum as its way more fun to enjoy the gig as it happens than watch it through a screen, although I did sneak a few prime snaps to include in this report. In general, there weren’t too many phones blocking the view, maybe it wasn’t noticeable as we moved around a lot so I can’t complain too much.


look how close we were!

The setlist was a good mix of old and also new songs, not using the night for new album promo but playing the fan favourites as well as sprinkling in a  few new releases. During a brief intermission the lead singer, Josh Franceschi, talked about the big problem in the music industry at the moment, secondary ticketing websites and the effect it’s having on fans. He has been active in the media recently and going into parliament to fight the fans side and strive for a fairer ticket buying system.

It was a brilliant night which made me excited about You Me at Six again, the new album is due out in the next few months and I’m looking forward to new material. I know chances are slim but I hope to see them in a similar venue again because I really find it makes all the difference to the atmosphere of a show.

Thanks for reading! I’m hoping to grab tickets to see Blossoms in December if I can find tickets, hopefully not of a secondary site, so watch this space for that review (fingers crossed).



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