christmas in york

Sorry for not posting in a while but second year has hit me hard, between essays and course rep commitments there hasn’t been a spare minute to breathe but now my contact hours have finally drawn to a close. So, what better way to kick off the festive celebrations than a post all about the Christmassy day my Auntie and I had when she visited.

We kicked off the day by taking her puppy, Florence, into town when it was still light to grab lunch and visit all the historic touristy bits that York is loved for.  Our first stop was for lunch at the puppy friendly Mannion & Co Kitchen, and we were not disappointed, it was definitely one of the best meals I’ve eaten in York since I’ve been here. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely, from to the decor and drinks (special mention to the traditional Turkish apple tea, with real apple pieces and rose buds!). I ate Pumpkin Gnocchi with goats cheese and chorizo, whilst Auntie Dee sampled the Yorkshire Rarebit and both were impossible to fault, safe to say it was a great start to the day.

We then walked around to look at the classic York attractions as the light began to fade, including the Minster and a street named The Shambles, one of York’s oldest and most famous streets with lined with timber-framed buildings that lean into the street. As you can imagine a six-month-old puppy invited many cooing faces and plenty of attention on the busy streets.


Flo and I in front of the Minster

Unfortunately, Florence could no longer keep up with us and had to be taken home for a  rest but luckily I live in a house full to the brim of enthusiastic puppy-sitters, more than happy to take her off our hands for a few hours! So after a brief trip back to my house we headed back into town for the Christmas market, which I’ve been skillfully dodging the last few days in order to retain the magic of a first trip!

The evening was lovely, which seems  to be a theme of this pretty perfect day, we covered every stall methodically weaving our way through, with tasting session and gift buying pit stops of course! It really was quite a magical place, with festive tunes circulating, wintery spices in the air and twinkling lights draped on every surface. We took so many photos but I’ll just put a select few down below, to get an idea! Make sure to look out for the ridiculous hat I bought mid way through that starts to pop up in the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We indulged in a few treats whilst walking round, the first was a hot apple cider to sip as we browsed and it was really tasty, neither Auntie Dee or I are huge mulled wine fans so we rejoiced when there was an alternative available and it actually tasted good! Our next treat was sharing a Yorkshire Curd Tart, when in York and all that, which was also very nice and didn’t taste like anything I had ever had before. Sort of a mix between a cheese cake and custard tart and an all round winner. Our last ‘snack’ of the evening and undoubtly the best was the Thor Bratwurst from the Shambles Kitchen van, a German sausage in a proper crusty bun with all the fun on top (dill, loganberry jam, sour cream and crispy onion) absolute heaven.

We finished the evening in a Slug and Lettuce with some cocktails, Porn Star Martinis of course! There was no better way to end a great day out and end my first term of year two at York.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our festive day trip, I hope to be posting more now I’m off for the Christmas break.

Thanks for reading!



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