my hair history

I figured a good way to get to know me is through the ever changing chameleon that is my hair. Full disclosure in advance, expect excessive pouting and selfies galore (you have been warned).


I’m going to start by throwing it back to my natural hair in all it’s glory, the blonde origins and the only time I’ve been seen with a full fringe. Special mention to the cat shirt, things never change.



Jumping ahead a few years to where I caught the teen angst-ridden full fringe bug. I was still my natural blonde, much to my bitter disappointment and after many arguments with my mum. Although, looking back at least it delayed the inevitable damage that fun hair brings, so thanks mum I guess you did know best.




Finally! I was allowed colour, it doesn’t look like much now but it was super exciting at the time. It all just kind of snowballed from here.



I stayed blonde for a few years until I found ginger! Definitely one of my favourite colours and the one I see myself going back to when I’m finished with all the non-natural jazz. I kept it for 2 years (a very long time for me, as you’ll see later on!) and I’m still convinced I should’ve been born naturally red, it’s my true colour.



Summer holidays meant school hair rules didn’t apply and I took this in my stride, going bright pink just in time for Reading fest. We used the rest to dye my sister’s hair, that really didn’t help the inevitable “omg, you look like the same person!”.



In June I finished sixth form and out went the strict rules on hair colour, hello mermaid Kat! I still had to hide it at work, luckily I was in a cafe and we had to wear hats (they were as fetching as you can imagine) but this was the time I started having real fun with experimenting and colours.


Before going to uni I ditched the green and opted for more subtle silver tones, although it looked great it was such a nightmare to keep up, especially on a uni budget.


Moving up from silver, a way more prominent purple grey made an appearance, how fitting for spooky Halloween hair (that’s what’s with the green alter ego look).



I kept barbie blonde hair for a while after various failed attempts of peach, a colour I’m still pining for to stay put. At Reading 2016 I managed to achieve a salmony peach colour but it faded out before the end of the festival, despite the fact it wasn’t washed? Why do the peach gods hate me.

I then decided to give two toned a go, in photo’s it looked great and striking but in reality, keeping your hair in a perfect central parting is no easy feat. I’m not sure the stray hair dodgy highlights were really worth the hassle.


I did manage to achieve a peachy shade once more, until I washed it that was… I will hold this photo as evidence that it did work, I was a peachy queen, if only for one day!

Finally! We have reached my current style, in August I braved my first hair cut in about 5 years and thank god I did. Taking just above my collar bones, in a blunt cut, granted my hair much-needed respite from all the bleaching and colouring, until October that is. Which is where it is now, peppermint green and who knows what’s next! UPDATE: Purple Ombre was next, check it out here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the roller coaster that is my hair, I can’t see myself stopping with it yet so watch this space. If you want to see possible future plans then check out my Pinterest board, I’m thinking through next look will be braving an undercut but that all comes down to how much I trust my flatmates boyfriend and his clippers.

Thanks for reading!



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