first post fun

I’ve been wanting to start writing blog post’s for a while now but there has been something holding me back, but I’m going to grasp this fleeting moment of motivation as it strikes and at least make a start!

I’m not quite sure what I am looking to achieve with Ferriswheel but I’m exciting to see how it takes shape, the beauty side of blogging is what drew me to the platform but I don’t want to restrict myself to just a ‘makeup’ blog. I want to include many of the things I love especially music, with reviews of both albums and recent gigs I’ve been to, I am also hoping taking a more active role will reignite my love of taking the time to find new music to my ever trusty iPod classic. As well as discussing my ever growing charity shop wardrobe, beauty related chat (to the dismay of my student loan), certainly cats and maybe even some sociology (it is my degree after all…).

So, that’s pretty much me as of now. I thinks it’s better to keep it short and sweet for an intro post, also it’s getting late and I’ve spent way too long neglecting my seminar reading for tomorrow in favour of persistently tweaking a header.

I will share again soon, thanks for reading!



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